"In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, long-standing conflict has pushed farmers off their land, forced families to flee violence continually, and robbed children of the nutritious foods they need to grow and develop. Congo’s lush and mineral-rich landscape is an ironic setting for a child malnutrition rate the World Bank puts at nearly 30 percent. Chronic violence and instability prevent the civilian population from accessing their country’s agricultural wealth.

MSF directs more resources to its projects in Congo than anywhere else, and employs a field staff of more than 2,000. MSF has been operating in the Kivu area of Eastern Congo for nearly 20 years. Last year alone MSF clinics in the region treated more than 10,000 malnourished children. However, health workers can’t keep up with the overwhelming need for treatment.

In a somber, yet bold, reportage, photographer Franco Pagetti reveals the daily struggle to survive in North Kivu’s forbidding bush and teeming, fetid displaced persons camps, where food is scarce and the people are on edge, ready to run at a moment’s notice."