Franco Pagetti

Franco Pagetti has been a news photographer since 1994, and most of his recent work has featured conflicts: Afghanistan, Kosovo, East Timor, Kashmir, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia and southern Sudan. Pagetti covered the conflict in Iraq since January 2003, and had been based almost constantly in Baghdad, mainly on assignment for TIME Magazine. His images have captured the horrors of war, the rise of insurgent and terrorist groups, and more recently, the inexorable descent into a bloody sectarian civil war. Conflict situations attract Pagetti because they afford the opportunity to observe people and societies in extremis – under tremendous duress. This brings out the best and worst in people, and Pagetti’s lens has captured both incredible heroism as well as grisly brutality in war zones on three continents. Regardless of the geographic setting, Pagetti says, war and its aftermath seem to affect vastly different societies in almost exactly the same way.