"Bangladesh is one of the world’s childhood malnutrition hotspots; UNICEF estimates that 48 percent of all Bengali children under five years old are malnourished. In Bangladesh malnutrition is particularly deadly. In fact, one third of Bengali child mortality is a result of severe malnutrition. Malnourished mothers often give birth to stunted and underweight babies ill-equipped to cope with exposure to diarrhea and other simple diseases. Under-nourished girls grow into under-nourished women, and the vicious cycle continues.

The island of Bhola at the mouth of the Meghna River in southern Bangladesh suffers from one of the country’s highest rates of severe acute malnutrition (SAM). Photojournalist Ron Haviv traveled there to document the challenges of food insecurity, rapid climate change and poverty which make malnutrition so pervasive on this densely-populated island. In his intimate portraits, Haviv captures the resignation with which Bhola’s malnourished mothers and children accept a chronically meager food supply."