NY1 Spotlights Starved for Attention Exhibit

On Friday, NY1 featured three clips on the Starved for Attention interactive exhibit. The exhibit drew more than 2,000 visitors during its run in New York, and will be heading to Philadelphia later this week, followed by Baltimore and Washington DC. Watch the NY1 clips, including interviews with exhibit guides here.

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2 Responses to “NY1 Spotlights Starved for Attention Exhibit”

  1. Signed Petition Already says:

    I saw this exhibit in Philadelphia – simple, but effective. Is it possible to place a ‘share’ button on this site via social media (Facebook, etc) to help the petition go viral?

  2. Signed Petition Already says:

    Please ignore that last comment – for whatever reason, this was my landing page and I did not see the other links that include Facebook, etc.