MSF Fights the Nutritional Double Standard at Food Aid Policy Conference

Reactions from the MSF aid workers and staff who participated in the Kansas City meetings:

Last month, policymakers and representatives from various organizations involved in the international food aid system gathered in Kansas City, Missouri to assess current U.S. food aid policy

Several MSF aid workers and staff, including a pediatrician and a nutritionist who both recently treated malnourished children in MSF field clinics, attended the conference to give voice to the Starved for Attention campaign and promote the improvement of food aid quality.  As Dr. Susan Shepherd recently wrote in an opinion piece in the Kansas City Star,  “Investments in child health and nutrition programs should be based on what children need, no matter where they live.”

While some incremental progress was achieved with the release of a report by Tufts University experts calling for higher levels of key nutrients in corn-soy blend, a food aid staple, the MSF team reports that quicker and more significant changes are still needed to treat the millions of malnourished children around the world.

2 Responses to “MSF Fights the Nutritional Double Standard at Food Aid Policy Conference”

  1. Julia Cochrane says:

    I wonder how foreign food aid compares to government food commodities that are given out at food banks in the US.

  2. It makes you wonder where our nations priorities are.