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"Djibouti: Frustration"
Photos by Marcus Bleasdale
Edited by Cassidy Gearhart

"Burkina Faso: "A Mother's Devotion"
Photos by Jessica Dimmock
Edited by Jeremiah Zagar & Whit Hansen

"Bangladesh: Terrifying Normalcy"
Photos by Ron Haviv
Edited by Galen Summer & Jeremiah Zagar

"Congo: The Malnutrition That Shouldn't Be"
Photos by Franco Pagetti
Edited by Jeremiah Zagar

"Mexico: A Solution from Within"
Photos by John Stanmeyer
Edited by Galen Summer

"India: Invisible"
Photos by Stephanie Sinclair
Edited by Galen Summer

"US: The U.S. Standard and A Double Standard"
Part 1:
Edited by Jeremiah Zagar
Photos by Jessica Dimmock
Part 2:
Photos by Antonin Kratochvil
Edited by Cassidy Gearhart & Jeremiah Zagar